The Best Fantasy MMORPG

It's no secret that the world of MMORPGs offers some of the most captivating games in the world, and that's been going on for nearly two decades. Since the days of Ultima Online to more recent offerings such as Black Desert Online, the best fantasy MMORPGs have managed to fill the gap that other game genres just simply cannot achieve.

They accomplish this by offering a true sense of freedom, while also providing a great deal of teamwork and collaboration with other online players around the world. Having said that, some MMORPGs over the years have proven to be far better than others, some ascending to near-godhood while others simply faded into obscurity. To ensure you don't waste any time with unnecessary character creation, we included the best fantasy MMORPGs below that you can play right now. Also, check out for instant access to free games websites where plenty of themes are available. These include casino games that can be played for free without using your own money. Visit the site for a closer look at the different types of free games available and where to play them.

Lord of the Rings Online

For more than a decade, Lord of the Rings Online has managed to breathe new life into the fantasy universe by Tolkien thanks to a lore-rich, story-focused MMORPG that has been extremely well received since its release.

Turbine, the American 3D game developer, has treated the material of Lords of the Rings with great care, using the lore of Middle Earth quite heavily when it comes to creating the races and classes in the game. Do you want to be a Hobbit burglar? No problem. How about an elven hunter with exceptional bow skills? Go for it. Someone with the ability to shapeshift into an animal? Check.

Lord of the Rings Online offers a plethora of interesting quests, a fascinating fantasy world for you to discover, and includes things like owned housing for players. It's ultimately a brilliant MMO for those who are more interested in adventure (quests, story, progression system) as opposed to the destination (end-game gear and high-end raiding). This makes Lords of the Rings Online one of the best games for solo players in the MMO realm.


As a Korean MMO, Tera is widely recognised as an excellent medium between relatively simple games like LOTRO and WOW and extremely complicated games featuring intense combo systems like Black Desert Online.

While you do have several unique abilities in Tera, you also have an action-packed combo system featuring an aiming reticle, allowing your attacks to land which is very important for long-range players, as well as an emphasis on blocking and dodging attacks to avoid damage instead of a series of defense, orientated cooldowns.

If you are someone that doesn't find traditional MMO's with rotation-heavy combat systems enjoyable, you'll feel right at home with a game like Tera.

Guild Wars 2

This game provides another great medium between rotation-based MMOs like Wow and action-combat MMOs like Black Desert Online. Players have a total of 5 abilities they can slot at a time, but there are loads more to learn in Guild Wars 2, including an arsenal of skills to choose from.

There are weapons skills with different skills for each weapon, including guns, shields, swords, and hammers, as well as regular class skills, healing skills, ultimate skills, and even utility skills. This alone allows for an incredible amount of customization, but it doesn't stop there as there are also different weapon skills from class to class.

The game also removes the questing system found in traditional MMOs and opts in to make level ups a more natural, organic occurrence. While wandering through the zones, you will find plenty of events to participate in. Other online players can assist at any given time and accumulate credits for each objective. Guild Wars 2 is a phenomenal game for those who simply want to break away from the normal MMO's out there.


As a browser-based MMORPG, Runescape focuses largely on player freedom. Players can do whatever they feel like and be whoever they want to be at any given time. The only restrictions, of course, are quest and skill resources as well as certain areas.

The game does not require you to pick a race or class and you won't be restricted to only one combat style either. In fact, you don't even have to focus on combat strategies at all for that matter. If you are someone that merely wants to sit in a forest and chop trees, you more than welcome to do so. If you interested in being a merchant and flip rare items for profit, go ahead.

Runescape is one of the best fantasy MMORPGs and also boasts an excellent quest system apart from offering player freedom. Each quest provides its own unique story, with self-contained characters, rewards, puzzles, and objectives. The rewards after each quest usually include new skilling cities, areas, or XP and weapon rewards.

Black Desert Online

Hardcore PVP fans will absolutely love Black Desert Online. There's a massive emphasis placed on the PvP world due to in-game resource scarcity and the player-driven economy as well as complex combat systems with the steepest learning curve in the MMORPG world.

If you can get past the initial spike of difficulty and manage to figure out most of the game mechanics, you'll discover the best fantasy MMORPG with loads of interesting stuff to do. You can operate in-game empires, hunt down enormous sea monsters on a boat, or simply run around and ruin everyone's day. The choice is yours.