Rise of Kledis Backstory

The story of the universe starts with the inception of a single being. This being named itself 'Ia' and Ia started to form into existence within the empty abyss.

The silken tendrils, that was also her hair, flowed out across the heavens, creating what is known as the Milkyway.

Ia descended down from the skies to the land for the first time. As her feet trodden upon the Earth for the first time, she felt the Earth cry out to her in extreme pain; pain that overwhelmed Ia with nothing but a feeling of sadness and misery. Engulfed by such feelings, Ia shed tears which filled the land and became the seas.

After relieving her sadness, Ia closed her eyes and let out a long sigh that turned into the winds. The winds formed clouds with the water and then it began to rain over the Earth. When Ia slowly opened her eyes, she saw that the world was changing and evolving.

Ia's eyes were as bright as a sunny afternoon yet black as the darkest nights. From the brightness in her eyes came forth sentient beings, while the darkness created the mysterious creatures found only in the nights.

By Ia's will, the world was created. This world was named 'Misilen' by its creator. Many beings came forth from this world but they also passed. Ia's final creation was the humans; who were created and designed to watch over and care for the beings on Misilen. The humans were not perfect but they seemed to hold unlimited potential.

Based on her likeness, Ia created 5 females and sent them down to the world she created through a pillar of light. These 5 women took care of the other life as decreed by Ia's will. However, these 5 were imperfect in the fact that they were incapable of creating new life; facing certain extinction.

Knowing of their fate, Ia felt nothing but sorrow and then decided to create 8 males and sent them to Misilen to protect the 5 women. Together, the 13 humans took care of each other and the other life on this world and later became to be known as the 13 Apostles.

Warriors have maximized their physical battle skills through rigorous training. Equipped with an unbending spirit, Warriors specialize in armed combat and are inevitably the first on the battlefield and the last to leave. The Warriors of Lacus fearlessly take on the toughest challenges. Their bravery raises the morale of all those fighting alongside them. Warriors shield their party with their strength and heavy armour, and destroy their enemies with ferocious attacks.